Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 für Playstation 3

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 macht es dem Gamer nicht leicht, den Überblick zu behalten. Die gesamte Reihe um den Ninja Ryu Hayabusa ist auf vielen verschiedenen Systemen erschienen und hat durch die unterschiedlichen Anforderungen auch immer ein gutes Stück der Handlung erweitert, so dass man fast von neuen Spielen ausgehen kann. Der neueste Teil für die Playstation 3 bildet da keine Ausnahme.

Der neue Teil der Ninja Gaiden Serie auf Playstation 3

„Ninja Gaiden II“ kam vor etwa einem Jahr auf der Xbox 360 in Amerika heraus und bekam in Deutschland von der USK keine Jugendfreigabe, so dass sich Microsoft entschied, den Titel gar nicht hierher zu bringen. Die Version, die nun für die PS3 erscheinen wird, ist im Prinzip das gleiche Spiel mit einem anderen Titel, einigen Story-Veränderungen und deutlich weniger Gewalt.

Dieses Update wird sich dann auch an der Playstation-Version des ersten Spiels „Ninja Gaiden: Sigma“ orientieren. Neben Ryu wird man auch die Charaktere Ayane, Momiji und Rachel in deren jeweiligen Levels spielen können und das Spiel wird von der weiteren Arbeit für die Übersetzung auf ein anderes System auch im Gameplay und in der Graphik profitieren können.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 : Handfeste Action in der PS3 Version

Auch wenn man kaum noch durchblickt, welche der Spiele wann stattfinden und in welcher Reihenfolge was passiert, steht doch eins fest: alte Helden sterben nie. Die Geschichte der Ninja Gaiden-Reihe reicht zurück bis ins Jahr 1988, als ein Arcade Spiel zum ersten Mal Ryu Hayabusa der Gaming Community präsentierte. Danach zog sich der behände Ninja durch insgesamt 17 weitere Spiele auf vielen verschiedenen Konsolen, inklusive der „Dead or Alive“ Reihe. In „Halo 3“ war sogar seine Rüstung als Bonus zu erlangen.

Ob „Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2“ mit seiner zurückgenommenen Gewaltdarstellung nun der USK stellen kann und somit auch nach Deutschland kommt, kann noch nicht eindeutig geklärt werden. Der Publisher THQ jedenfalls ist guter Dinge und kündigt das Spiel für den Herbst 2009 an.

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  1. Whoahh…!!
    This is amazing. The images are crazy. they doing some amazing stuff

  2. Looks really nice. I never knew there is something like that coming but judging by the amount of world wide sold Wii consoles that would make much of a sense. The control would sure be fun and exhausting to play, but the mini-Games are much fun for sure. Cool thing!

  3. Wow, great news. I hope that the game graphic isnt too low.
    The new features are incredible.

  4. OMG. How do I say this ummm…..“BRING IT ON!!!!!“.
    If they do this – the WII will become simply the best console out there for sure.

  5. Holy Shit..

    Verrückt, aber wenn das wahr ist, wäre das echt abgefahren. Wir haben darüber schon eine lange Diskussion in unserem PS3 Forum.

  6. Rockstar could really rock…

  7. If this story is true, than im going crazy.
    It looks totally like some wii fans. Please tell us more, if its a rumor, a wii fan made story or real!

  8. Men, bet you are loooling yer asses out quite hard looking all this fans who are so excited about this

    I wouldn’t mind a GTA Wii, actually, A multiplayer mode using the Mii’s would be awesome, but the lack of source, that the folder you claim to found the images and no public news or leaks or at least any kind of rumor for something this big is making me believe that your are just trolling us.

  9. FAKE.

    I mean I so wish it was. I so want this to be real but it isn’t!

    I mean I seen what HIGH VOLTAGE Software is doing with THE CONDUIT. But this game looks like PS/360 running on Wii. Well so does the Conduit but I mean this is to good to be true…so its FAKE.

    Why? Why? I so want this now.

    I have never been a huge GTA fan or at all. Tried PS2,PSP versions they were cool I suppose.
    Bring this to Wii with wii controls and am sold.. Same with DS which is why GTA Chinatown wars will be bought NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

    This from basically a GTA first timer.

    This is real..and I wet my pants. Then go buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Why if you go to the url of the first screenshot there is nothing…?

  11. WHOA. I hope it looks like GTAIII, I enjoyed those graphics! But I’m going to not believe this article until I see an official press release.

  12. I don’t believe this for ine moment.

  13. that is running on wii reggie spoke to them in early 2007 and basically said the balls in your court so yeah could well be oh the wii is turned on and its plugged in i can see 3 grey cables 1 is thick that will be component then power then sensor bar he looks to be genuine and having fun as well oh i cant see any other black cables except tv only 2 devices plugged in so no 360 is attached to tv thats my take on it

  14. bowling in GTA on 360 ive not played it enough to know but u would think that with thr last two pics it would seal it as wii version of GTA 4

  15. The graphics is to good to be a wii game. its a pc or 360 runnig with the wii mote like you can to witch halo or Half Life to. Youtube that.

  16. The images are just too perfect for a fake story, but are too unprofesionell for rockstar games.

    The graphics are maybe so good, cause the interlacing. Hmpf.

  17. none of us even know what wii graphics look like at best chill out guys untill there is real proof but sept 08 rockstar wouldnt deny it to edge online so there these pics are real without a doubt not saying if will come out but that is real it would have to be some kind of magic to be fake its all linked up with nothing else in sight

  18. its too proffesional to be fake,its normaly fake when u see 1or2 screens there are about 40 screens here not even rockstar would go through that trouble to get people syked over nothing dosnt make sence at all i think its coming wait till next week for confimation or tomoz

  19. Hey guys,
    look at this interview with a gta developer. The quotes at bit tech are:

    „Without commenting specifically on whether GTA is coming to the Wii or not, I will say that Nintendo and Take-Two work very very well together,“ Take-Two CEO Ben Feder explained.

    „Rockstar and Nintendo work very well together. We intend to continue to grow that relationship.”

  20. Rockstar also added two extra control options employing the Nunchuk to give you even more obsessive control over your ball. Rockstar Games‘ cornerstone Grand Theft Auto series returns for a third run through the 128-bit generation, with this violent, mature-themed third-person shooter and mission-based driving game.

  21. its fake xbox 360 footage guy with wii remote

  22. Total bull… First, photos of the Bike riding, you have a panel in the back with Niko Bellec’s name so if this would be in any way legit that would be GTAIV. With a map of Liberty City as well pretty obvious on the wall.

    The silver panel underneath the TV could hide in-wall mounted cables to connect another signal like let’s say a PS3 or Xbox 360. I doubt it’s for only one wire that is not totally covered any way. Or a wireless video signal receiver.

    I am a Wii fan but I clearly know that the Wii isn’t capable of such video quality, if GTAIV is running I doubt they would have a copy with signed codes to run on a commercial Wii (or have they moded they’re unit) and not a dev-unit.

    Also, I doubt that Rockstar is obliged to play in a damp bricked wall room with what seems to be like a old school voyeur keylock on their doors.

    I call bull.

  23. This is totally fake,he’s definately playing a PS3/360 version of the game.The GTA IV uses RAGE engine,which is not possible on the wii.To make a Wii GTA,Rockstar would have to make an entirely new game from the ground up.

  24. no chance that is gta for the wii, look at the grapics, the wii couldnt run a game like that, its obvisouly fake

  25. fake!!!!!!!!! WHERE is the sensor bar of the wii its just a fake!!!!!!

  26. this could be a joke. look at the cars. they look amazing like on the xbox ! i think you can record and play a videowith the wii and just pretend you are playing, or they could just have taken screenshots and put them on the wii and take the photos posing xD LOL

  27. Umm you guys this is fake. notice how there is no sensor bar anywhere in the picture, and if he wanted to do motion controls their would be one. Anyway this is way to advanced for a wii console not that good graphics are impossible on the wii *Cough* The Conduit *Cough*

  28. This was amazing and this gives a realistic experience in playing. The developers had done a big thing for the gamers and thanks for that. Please update more and please give their business website.

  29. Man this is not funny!!! I’m a huge GTA fan but my girlfriend wanted a #$“#$ Wii…. I was really excited for a second but I think you are pulling my leg. You should not joke about GTA on Wii! Not funny 🙂 Really man. I’m about to cry now.

  30. … and your Wii is not even ON (no light) 🙂

  31. Heys Guys, look at the screens. The wii is on and the sensor bar is below the tv. This must be a fake but you have to look more precisely to see what’s going on.

    I think the pictures where manipulated afterwards with Photoshop or something similar. 🙂

  32. Wii is on,
    Sensorbar is visible (right bottom of TV)
    BUT : targeting on the TV doesn’t use only the center on wii. The target circle should also move on the screen away from the center. So : Fake, but well done.

  33. I’m sorry, the Wii is actualy on 🙂
    But still… HA…. HA…. :/
    I heard that even Godfather 2 is not going to make it on Wii… I’m getting more and more frustrated with this machine.

  34. Oooh, whats that on top of the tv? wireless av signal reciever, convient to try and scam people that hes on the wii, but hes on xbox or ps3. clever, but it did’t work dumbass.

  35. You can see the B button in some of the pics, it is the Xbox 360 version. Wii could never run GTA IV.

  36. Wow! GTA IV for the Nintendo WII!

  37. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…
    Like a company like Rockstar would upload pictures with names so explicit like „GTA4 for Wii.jpg“ and them put it on a public folder.

    Obviously fake, I can use paint too and put a Wii on a table while GTA4 is running and im holding a wiimote.

    Nice way to get a lot of visitors to your blog tho.

  38. This is fake i love wii and i want GTA for wii really bad but these pics are fake. number 1 the wii isnt even on 2 If they do make a GTA wii game the controls would not even come close to that sorry guys but this is fake! but i would love to see it for wii one day

  39. Guys this is not fake, I have a game on my Wii that have most of these controls, helloooo wii is the best video game ever !

    Who knows maybe tomorrow you will see

  40. This is so damn fake. I mean, first of all, it’s a different version. Second, this dude just pulls out a Wii Zapper in the middle of nowhere during the game. Sorry, no GTA game on the Wii would do this. This isn’t even clever. You’d have to be the most retarded dumbass in the world to fall for this. The WIi isn’t even on! You fucking retards! Even if they were making this, they’d more more secretive than that. And the link is broken too! So what the Wii has most of these controls? THIS IS NOT REAL, THIS IS FAKE. Stupid retards. This isn’t even funny, it’s just sad. You guys are desperate.

  41. i doubt it’s gonna succeed. didn’t rockstar learn from gta china town for the DS that Nintendo console is for kids!!!!!

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    Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds too now, Thanks.

    I’m Out! 🙂

  43. shit fake
    why hes not upload a video?

  44. wollte man(n) schon immer mal wissen.

  45. The wii light is on i zoomed in with browser on wii plus it makes sense with the last game hitting wii in 2008 and with rockstar not deniying it to edge as well as reggie saying in late 2008 we will keep this relationship moving into the future ect then all of a sudden these turn up on then get wiped a week later is proof they were at the early stage of development getting the controls right first and these guys are clearly testers at rockstar north plus there are 40 screens here not 1 or 2 and just recently in 2010 there are listings for 2 wii games at rockstar north so that just clarifies these screens were infact real and they were happy with the controls ie why they have recently released info stating they are working on gta5 wii aswell as manhunt 3 or something new with the engine they have made for gta wii plus rockstar loves working with nintendo as they stated in 2008/2009 so i expect big game announcements in 2010 remember EA have ported unreal engine to wii for horror title landing on 360/ps3/wii in 2011 so expect wii games to start really pushing the boundries very soon remember not 1 game on wii uses S3TC GRAPHICS FACTOR 5 SAID THERE COMING SOON facts have stacked up now to this being true.

  46. if u look at GT4 on ps2 it looks amazing they managed that on 133mhz gpu and 278mhz-333mhz cpu no real HDR/AA/MOTION BLUR but can be faked ect now with this info the wii as factor 5 suggests is capable of every effort out there so far on ps3/360 im sorry but i believe the wii with 2 billion pixel per sec fillrate can achieve better graphics by far than these screens infact nintendo never released gpu mhz specs of cpu so its all fake specs except the fillrate which is on the sdk 2.1 which is to be exact 1988 million pixels per sec which is 2 billion same as 360 but at 480p so the wii given a big budget and resources ect can emulate gt4 graphics easy plus rage engine was used in wii version of rockstar table tennis ect same engine as gta4 plus with wii games devs dont go all out on graphics wii is the only system to not have been pushed to its limits ect on ps3/360 u have seen the best all ready because thats what them systems aim is wii is controls and gameplay first with graphics taking back seat ect same with ps3 games like twisted metal gameplay first then graphics and that game doesnt look as impressive as alot of wii games fact

  47. cant upload a video when its a secret u tosser

  48. its a 100% FAKE…

  49. Defo REAL this was at start of 2009 just when things went quiet ect so for 2 years they have been busy making this game which in my opinion is GTA5 last wii game was Bully/Manhunt late 2008 so this makes sense in fact i know its real and i rekon in 3 months MAX i will be proved right

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