Fernsehen 2.0 – Einfach und On-demand

Von Techcruch: 

TechCrunch UK’s Mike Butcher has written a long post about the future of TV on the internet based on an exclusive interview with Paul Cleghorn, the founder of the new TV aggregation site Tape It Off the Internet. Our previous coverage of TIOTI is here.

Cleghorn’s primary contention is that bringing TV online will be much easier than has been the music industry’s experience. His project, TIOTI searches and smartly scrapes iTunes, AOL video, Amazon’s Unbox service and BitTorrent for links to available TV shows. The end result is a feature rich aggregation site that Cleghorn intends to sell ads on. He says it’s like “TiVo for the Internet.”

Mehr auch in dem ausführlichen Post von TechCrunchUK 

Nichts was nicht schon in Being Digital von Nicolas Negroponte gestanden hätte, aber langsam scheint es wahr zu werden. 

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